ARE-LA Teacher Inquiry Groups

16 Dec

Our students and communities need teachers whose pedagogies teach in ways that are culturally engaging, community relevant, and critically empowering. In our ARE teacher inquiry groups, we seek to work with committed and quality mentors and teachers to develop these curricula. The inquiry groups provide the professional development that progressive educators need to develop our craft with teachers who share an understanding of structural inequality and a commitment to the transformative potential of education for black and brown students. Our curriculum development differs from most university teacher education programs in its emphasis on practical applications of critical pedagogy that result in students interpreting, analyzing, and addressing societal inequality and the attacks on working class communities of color

ARE-LA Freedom School

16 Dec

Highlights from the ARE-LA Freedom School (Summer 2011)

Speaking Truth

15 Dec

“‎They cripple the bird’s wing, and then condemn it for not flying as fast as they” Malcolm X

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